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Standard Sessions

Session Session Date Weeks Section Numbers Closes, 11 p.m.
SI May 28 - July 5 6 01**, WB1*, I1**, 01Z* 5/31/2024
SI-A May 28 - June 14 3 03**, WB3*, I1**, 01Z* 5/28/2024
SI-B June 17 - July 5 3 05**, WB5*, I1**, 01Z* 6/17/2024
SII July 8 - August 16 6 02**, WB2*, I2**, 02Z* 7/11/2024
SII-C July 8 - July 26 3 04**, WB4*, I2**, 02Z* 7/8/2024
SII-D July 29 - August 16 3 06**, WB6*, I2**, 02Z* 7/29/2024

Non-Standard Sessions

Session Session Date Weeks Section Numbers Closes, 11 p.m.
SI May 28 - June 21 4 01**, WB1*, I1**, 01Z* 5/30/2024
SI May 28 - June 28 5 01**, WB1*, I1**, 01Z* 5/30/2024
SI May 28 - July 19 8 01**, WB1*, I1**, 01Z* 6/3/2024
SI May 28 - August 2 10 01**, WB1*, I1**, 01Z* 6/5/2024
SI May 28 - August 16 12 01**, WB1*, I1**, 01Z* 6/6/2024

Timeline Considerations

  • Online registration (drop/add) is not available 24/7. To determine availability, see Testudo Interactive Web Services.
  • Online Courses: After registration, it takes 24 hours before the system grants access. Students who register on the first day of classes for a 3-week session will run into access issues.

Maximum Number of Credits

  • To determine the maximum number of credits permitted for Summer Session registration, see Maximum Load Policy

Course Effort

  • UMD follows the Maryland Higher Education Commission's (MHEC) policies on "contact hours," a shorthand term referring to the amount of time required in various forms of education to earn credit. Credit-bearing courses are divided into three types based on MHEC contact hour requirements: lectures, laboratories, and internships. This applies to courses delivered online or in person.
  • One credit equals:
    • 15 hours of actual class time 
    • 30 hours of supervised laboratory or studio time 
    • 45 hours of instructional situations such as practica, internships, and cooperative
  • In addition to the time a student spends in class, for every one credit hour of class time, successful college students spend approximately two hours outside of class studying. Below is a helpful chart that recaps a student’s obligation towards a 3-credit course during the 3-week session. Some courses have longer meeting times due to studio, lab, and other requirements.
3-credit Course Hours per day Hours per 5-day week
Class Meet Time 3 15
Study Time 6 30
Total Course Effort 9 45

Online registration (drop/add) is not available 24/7. To determine availability, see Testudo Interactive Web Services

  1. Visit Testudo.
  2. Select Registration (Drop/Add).
  3. Log in with the Directory ID and password.
  4. Select Summer 2024.
  5. Enter the course(s) (ex. ENGL101) and section number(s) (ex. 0101, WB11) into the Drop/Add table and select Submit Changes.
    • A message may appear in the course block.
    • Read the message then click Ok to add the course.

How to Waitlist

  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 listed in In Registration Instructions (See above).
  2. A message will state that the course is closed. 
  3. Select Add to Waitlist.
  4. Read the message regarding the waitlist process and select Confirm.
  5. Select the section(s) to waitlist and select Add to Waitlist. If no section number is provided, the system states that there are no open sections for that course and will not give a waitlist option.
  6. Remember to periodically check the waitlist (from Testudo).
  7. Once the semester starts, students must Waitlist Check-in (see below) daily.

Waitlist Check-in 

  1. Beginning on the first day of classes, students must check-in daily. 
  2. Visit Testudo and select Waitlist Check-In.
  3. If one day is missed, students are dropped from the waitlist and must start over.
  4. The move from waitlist status to enrolled status is an automatic enrollment transaction if a seat becomes available.

Use the EXST contact form. Include full name, UID (if known), and a complete statement regarding the requested action.

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