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University Policies

The average review time is 30 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays) from the date that the appeal and all documentation are received. Confirmation of the decision is sent to the email address listed on the appeal form.

Appeal Form and Deadlines

Access TerpEngage-EXST Forms to submit the Appeal Form

  1. Select Log In with UMD Directory ID to access the portal.
  2. Select My Forms.
  3. Select Start New Form.
  4. Select Appeal Request for Exception to Academic Policy from the dropdown and select Save and Continue.
  5. Complete and submit the Appeal Form.
  6. Attach documentation. See How to Attach Documentation details, below.

Required Supporting Documentation

Appeal requests due to extenuating circumstances relating to a student's registration require a formal written appeal. An appeal will not be considered until documentation supporting the claims made in the appeal is received.

  • Medical: Documentation from health care/mental health care provider must be typed and signed on official letterhead. General emails or unsigned letters on a plain stationary are not acceptable. Ask the health care/mental health provider to provide the following information:
    • Name of health care/mental health care provider
    • Type of Practice/Specialty
    • Title/Degree
    • Practice Address
    • Practice Telephone
    • Practice Email
    • License Number
    • License Board
    • Brief statement of support
    • Signature
  • Death in the Family: Copy of death certificate (or verification of death from hospital or attending physician, typed and signed on official letterhead) with a statement of the deceased's relation to the student. Emails or unsigned letters on plain stationary are not acceptable.
  • Course Instructor or Academic Advisor: May submit a statement of support on department letterhead or from the instructor/academic advisor’s campus email. The statement must include the student name, UID, course information, date of registration, and an explanation of why the course instructor or academic advisor supports the appeal.
  • Approved Appeal from College/Department: Some Colleges/Departments require that the appeal be sent to them first for requests that have academic ramifications such as late/retroactive changes to the student record. Our office will assist with this process.

How to Attach Documentation

After submitting the Appeal Form, return to the portal landing page to upload documentation to support your appeal request.

  1. Locate the Application Materials Section at the bottom of the portal homepage.
  2. Select Click here next to Upload Documents.
  3. On the Application Required Documents page, select the desired Document Name from the list.
  4. Select Upload and choose the file to submit. After uploading, the file will be listed in the File List Section.
    • To add additional files for the same document type, select Upload again and choose a new file.
    • Note: Files must all have distinct names.
  5. Select Back to return to the portal landing page. 
  6. To add a different document type, repeat the steps above.


Use the EXST contact form. Include full name, program name, and a complete statement regarding the request.


Health Insurance

The Graduate Catalog is the official listing of the policies governing graduate education at the University of Maryland, College Park. For a complete listing of all Graduate School policies, see The Graduate Catalog. Questions? Contact the Graduate School at

Registration-Related Policies 

Below is a partial listing. For detailed information, see Registration Policies

  • Designation of Full-time and Part-time Status
  • Continuous Registration Requirements 
  • Waiver of Registration for Certificate, Master's, and Pre-Candidacy Doctoral Students 
  • Leave of Absence for Childbearing, Adoption, Serious Health Condition, Dependent Care, or Financial Hardship 
  • Leave of Absence for Military Service 
  • Withdrawal From Classes 
  • Resignation From the University

Academic Record-Related Policies 

Below is a partial listing. For detailed information, see Academic Record

  • Transfer and Inclusion of Credit 
  • Satisfactory Progress 
  • Graduate Student Parental Accommodation Policy 
  • Good Standing 
  • Academic Probation and Dismissal
  • Time Limitations 
  • Time Extensions


Graduate students should use the following forms for petitions, requests, and waivers.

International students with questions on enrollment, status, leave of absence, extensions on their I-20/DS2019, OPT, etc., work with the University’s International Student and Scholar Services.

Questions? Contact Us