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Registration opens according to the calendar type used by the program’s plan of study.

Semester Fall (16-week) Winter (3-week) Spring (16-week) Summer (6-week)
Registration Opens Fourth Thursday in March Third Tuesday in October Fourth Thursday in October Fourth Tuesday in February
Term, 12-week Term I (fall) Term II (winter) Term III (spring) Term IV (summer)
Registration Opens Fourth Thursday in March Third Thursday in October Fourth Thursday in October Fourth Thursday in February

Determine Course and Section Offerings

To determine what courses are offered for an upcoming semester/term, see the program’s plan of study. Students can find information on the section code which must be used when registering.

Determine Meet Times and Dates

Follow these step-by-step instructions to view the scheduled courses for course meet information.

  1. Visit Testudo.
  2. Select Schedule of Classes.
  3. In the box marked Term: Select the specific semester/term and year.
  4. Select Search.
  5. A listing of all UMD departments offering courses for that term/year will appear.
  6. Scroll down and select the program’s department.
  7. Scroll down to the course and select Show Sections.
  8. Courses use the sections provided in the program’s plan of study (see “Determine Courses and Sections,” above).

How to Register

Follow these step-by-step instructions to register for the scheduled courses.

  1. Visit Testudo.
  2. Select Registration (Drop/Add).
  3. Log in with the directory ID and password.
  4. Select the appropriate term.
  5. Enter the course(s) and section number(s) (ex. PC01) into the Drop/Add Table and select Submit Changes.
    • A message may appear in the course block.
    • Read the message then select Ok to add the course.
  6. To view the schedule when complete, select View Schedule.

Registration Blocks

Students may encounter a block which prevents registration. Below are the most common.

Continuing Registration Requirements

Waiver of Continuous Registration

Leave of Absence

Time Limitations and Extensions

For information on Master’s degrees and certificates or doctoral degrees, see the Graduate School’s Time Limitations and Time Extensions

Withdrawal from Classes

Students may terminate registration for all courses for a specific semester/term (even if registered for just one course) between the first day and the last day of classes for the semester/term. A notation of withdrawn from semester/term and the effective date will post to the student record. See the Graduate School’s Withdrawal from Classes.

Withdrawal: Resignation from the Program/University

Students who intend to withdraw and terminate their graduate student standing must formally resign from the University. See the Graduate School’s Resignation from the University.

Calendar Restrictions

  • Students admitted into a program that uses the semester calendar may not enroll in a program that uses the term calendar. 
  • Students admitted into a program that uses the term calendar may not enroll in a program that uses the semester calendar.
  • Courses offered in the semester calendar or the term calendar have different durations (start and end dates).  Consequently, the graduate units requirements for a student’s designation of full-time and part-time status for the two calendar types are different. Mixing registrations between the two calendar types also has an impact on financial aid and compliance with immigration law for visa holders.

Courses with Major Code Restrictions: Registration Procedure

  • Most courses in Professional Graduate Programs have major code registration restrictions.
  • Students must first email their academic advisor to ensure enrollment permission. International students should contact International Student and Scholar Services to ensure eligibility.
  • After obtaining enrollment permission from the academic advisor, students must obtain permission from the program’s academic director. For this information, email After obtaining this information, the student must email the academic director with the following:
    • Provide full name and UID, asking for permission to enroll.
    • Include the academic advisor’s approval email.
    • Provide the course #, section #, and semester/term information.
    • The program’s academic director determines whether to provide a permission to enroll stamp.
    • Once the academic director provides notification that a stamp has been entered, students may register for the specified course #, section #, and semester/term.

Tuition Considerations

Course tuition in Professional Graduate Programs is assessed at the program rate.

  • Students with a tuition remission benefit should direct questions to their academic unit’s human resource office. 
  • Students admitted into a program that charges tuition differential will also be charged that differential.

Professional Graduate Programs are self-support, such that tuition paid by an enrolled student directly support all the costs of instruction. Undergraduate tuition is used to offset the costs of instruction for state-supported programs and, as such, may not be accessed to finance these self-support programs. Undergraduate students interested in registering for courses in programs that use the semester calendar would be charged tuition at the program rate and would be responsible for submitting payment. Courses in programs that use the term calendar are not open to undergraduates.

Students in the Golden Identification Program are not eligible for Continuing Education Programs (Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Non-Credit Learning) administered through Extended Studies. See Golden ID Program.

Use the EXST contact form. Include full name, program name, and a complete statement regarding the request.

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