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Master of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, Online 

The Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) in the A. James Clark School of Engineering is a national leader in entrepreneurship education and venture creation. As the University of Maryland’s comprehensive entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, Mtech is uniquely positioned to offer programs for students to acquire the knowledge, competencies, and relationships to solve today’s and tomorrow’s innovation challenges.

Mentoring and advising are an essential part of the program. Students meet with faculty and the academic program director to ensure that educational goals and career learning and development goals are met. Students with specific academic questions may contact Dr. James V. Green via email:


The Master of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, Online (MPTE) pairs an enriching academic experience with the skills and relationships of UMD’s world-class startup incubators. Launching a new venture takes more than a great idea. (Google. Under Armour. Sirius XM Radio. Polycom. Squarespace.) It takes the know-how to run the gauntlet of getting that idea off the ground.

  • A 30-credit, 9-course curriculum where students gain the insights and competencies to meet those challenges head on as they acquire a conceptual understanding of the principles and action steps of effective new venture creation and launch.
  • Equips students with the ability to envision, develop, launch, and grow innovations, and provides the credentials to be an attractive recruit for innovation-focused companies and organizations.
  • Prepares students to apply newly gained insights and acquired competencies to real-world innovation management challenges across five major stages of the innovation value chain from strategy development and idea generation to commercial concept and product development and successful market establishment, as well as sustainable growth in various contexts.
  • Can be completed in fifteen months of continuous full-time enrollment. Part-time enrollment is welcome. See Designation of Full-time/Part-time Status.


Below is a listing of all program courses. For a detailed course description that includes pre-requisites or co-requisites, see The Graduate School Catalog, Course Listing as follows: ENES Course Descriptions

Course Number Title
ENES662 Innovative Ideas and Concept Development
ENES663 Strategies for Managing Innovation
ENES664 Business Modeling and Customer Validation
ENES665 Innovative Thinking
ENES666 Creative Design, Prototyping, and Testing
ENES667 Market Development and Commercialization
ENES670 Financial Management and New Venture Financing
ENES671 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
ENES672 Launching Technology Startup Ventures

Registration Overview

  • See the sample plan of study, below. Students should use this as a guide to develop a plan with the academic program director.
  • Actual course offerings are determined by the program and may vary semester to semester. Students should note if a course has a pre-requisite or co-requisite.
  • Specific class meeting information (days and time) is posted on UMD’s interactive web service services, Testudo. Once on that site, select “Schedule of Classes,” then the term/year. Courses are listed by academic unit.
  • The program uses specific section codes for registration, which are listed on the sample plan of study. 

Sample Plan, Fall Admission

Term Year Course Number Section Code Credits
I (fall) 1 ENES662 PLM* 3
I (fall) 1 ENES663 PLM* 3
II (winter) 1 ENES664 PLM* 3
II (winter) 1 ENES671 PLM* 3
III (spring) 1 ENES665 PLM* 3
III (spring) 1 ENES666 PLM* 3
IV (summer) 1 ENES667 PLM* 3
IV (summer) 1 ENES670 PLM* 3
I (fall) 2 ENES672 PLM* 6


  • Features 100% online instruction with engaging and interactive learning.
  • Uses the term academic calendar with classes held in 12-week terms: I (fall), II (winter), III (spring), IV (summer). 
  • Instruction provided by University of Maryland faculty and professionals in the field. 

Online Learning

  • Using advanced audio and video technology, UMD’s online learning environment delivers dynamic and interactive content. 
  • Featuring convenience and flexibility, online instruction permits asynchronous or synchronous participation.
  • Lectures are video archived. Students who are unable to attend in real time can review the session through asynchronous participation.

Upon successful completion, graduates will have mastered the following competencies:

  • Think beyond current paradigms in order to discover innovation needs and to envision impact through strategic idea and concept development (Term 1).
  • Leverage ideas to create sustainable business models aligned with customer needs and wants in competitive marketplaces (Term 2).
  • Manage commercialization challenges and market launch efficiently and effectively (Term 3).
  • Navigate the legal aspects of product development and company launch and build sound financial and accounting strategies and practices (Term 4).
  • Know how to accelerate growth and create sustainable value through appropriate business development, risk management, financing, and value extraction strategies (Final Term).
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