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View Official Major

  1. Visit Testudo
  2. Select Degree Audit
  3. Select Undergraduate Students
  4. Log in using directory ID and password
  5. Select Request Audit
  6. The official major is listed under Title

Change Major

Students can change their official major once the fall semester begins. Contact the Freshmen Connection Advising Office at

The advising home for the fall semester for all Freshmen Connection students is Letters and Sciences (LTSC). LTSC’s advisors have expert knowledge of all majors’ curricula and admission requirements. Regardless of the admitted major, LTSC provides guidance and academic throughout the fall semester.

Advisors are available throughout the fall semester to answer questions in person, by email, or over the phone. To reach an advisor, email or call 301-314-8418. Advisors disseminate important academic deadlines and procedures throughout the fall semester via the email of record. Students are responsible for accessing their email and should contact the advisors with any questions.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies has created a website detailing Course-Related Policies and Resources for Undergraduate Students.

Spring Registration

  • During the fall semester, students prepare to register for the upcoming spring semester. UMD, like other colleges and universities, has a tiered registration system. Registration times are determined by the earned number of credits prior to the start of the fall semester. It’s important that students have all Transfer Credits posted to their student record prior to the first day of classes.
  • To view Registration Appointment and Advising Blocks starting in mid-October:
  1. Visit Testudo
  2. Select Appointment and Registration Status
  3. Log in using directory ID and password

Tiered Registration System

  • UMD has developed a system of releasing seats wherein a certain percentage is released for seniors. Then, more seats are released as juniors enter their registration time slot; then more are released for sophomores, etc. The system continues up through the first day of classes for the upcoming semester. Academic units may also open up additional sections or increase seat levels.
  • Below is the registration order for the upcoming spring semester:
    • Current UMD Seniors
    • Current UMD Juniors
    • Current UMD Sophomores
    • Current UMD Freshmen
    • Transfer students and other new students

Spring Advising

  • To register for the spring semester, students must satisfy mandatory advising requirements for their spring advising college. The college advisors inform students of these requirements via email. FC advisors do not provide academic advising for the upcoming spring semester. This occurs directly with the spring advising college.
  • Students will be given specific directions regarding mandatory advising via email during the fall semester.

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Interested in working on campus? See University Human Resources.

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