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Apply - Domestic Applicants

Domestic Applicant Deadlines

Before submitting the application for Terp Scholars, applicants must first read Domestic Applicant Requirements, below. All application materials must be received by the posted deadline.

Domestic Applicant Schedule Deadlines
Application Opens January 9
Application Closes May 1

Domestic Applicant Eligibility

  • Applicants must be a rising high school sophomore, junior, senior, or graduating senior; and
  • Applicants must have an unweighted academic average of 3.0 or better.
    • If there are extenuating circumstances that have negatively impacted a student's GPA, the applicant can submit a GPA Exception Appeal prior to submitting the Terp Young Scholars application.
    • Submit Exception Appeal: Complete the GPA Exception Appeal form. The form requires an upload of your high school transcript, a letter of support from a high school teacher/administrator and a statement attesting to how you plan to succeed in the program.  

Select Commuter or Online Option

  • Applicants who select a course offered through in-person instruction must participate via the Commuter Option(Note: the program does not offer an option that provides campus housing).
  • Applicants who select a course offered through 100% online instruction must participate via the Online Option.

Review the Policies on Grade, Credits, and Attendance

Student Information

  • Information collected in the application system is used to create the University of Maryland student account. Please ensure to correctly enter the student information (SSN, name, DOB, etc.) A common error is when a parent/guardian submits the application on behalf of their student and accidentally enters the parent/guardian SSN, name, DOB, etc. Once an application is submitted, such errors can only be corrected with a copy of the birth certificate or social security card.
  • Applicants are encouraged to use their SSN. Not using the SSN will have implications on confirming program admission, and affect any future applications to UMD. Applicants planning to utilize the University of Maryland System Tuition Remission benefit must use their SSN.

Application Fee

  • New Applicant: A $75 application fee is required. This fee is not waived unless the applicant is a returning student. See below.
  • Returning Student: Must request an application fee waiver code.
    • Use the EXST contact form. Include student full name, program name, and a complete statement regarding the requested action.
    • Returning students must complete Application Steps 1 – 2 (listed below).
  • Students dismissed from the program in previous years are not eligible to return.

University of Maryland faculty and staff must create a TerpEngage account for their student and cannot use their own UMD directory information to apply.

The application for summer 2024 is now closed.

Need Help?

Secondary School Applicants

  • A transcript (report card) of applicant's academic record must include grades and cumulative GPA for all secondary schoolwork completed, including current coursework. An unofficial transcript is acceptable. Applicants should submit transcripts directly to the TerpEngage-EXST Forms Portal.
  • The secondary school may prefer to send the transcript directly. Provide them with a copy of the TYS Transcript Form. Submission directions are located on the form.

Home-Schooled Applicants

  • Provide an academic overview that includes course descriptions, books used, methods of evaluation, and the grades received (credit contracts). Home-schooled applicants submit this information directly to the TerpEngage-EXST Forms Portal.


  • Applications are reviewed and admission offers are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Reminder notices regarding missing items are sent to the email address provided on the application; check your spam folder. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all materials are sent and received by the posted deadlines.
  • To inquire about the status of the application, use the EXST contact form. Include full name, program name, and a complete statement regarding the requested action.

Confirmation of Admission

  • Following the offer of admission, parents/guardians and students must complete the Confirmation of Admission Process (opens March 1). This information is included in the offer of admission. 
  • Failure to complete this process by the posted deadlines will result in program cancellation and loss of course seat.
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