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Commuter Option


  • Responsible for making choices and organizing their time as part of exploring the independence of university life. The commuter package is designed for students who will self-advocate and actively engage with their Terp Scholars peers and community. 
  • Responsible for attending classes on their own and for productively managing their time with minimal supervision.
  • Responsible for arriving to class and departing from campus.


  • Arrive and depart the University without mentor supervision,
  • Attend class and eat lunch independently,
  • Complete all course-related work independently, and
  • Seek academic support from course instructors and teaching assistants.

In the classroom, Commuter Terp Scholars are supervised by course instructors and teaching assistants. Commuter students who remain on campus to attend program activities are supervised by Terp Scholars Mentors. Mentors are UMD undergraduate degree-seeking students selected for their campus leadership and problem-solving skills. Mentors complete federal and state child protective services and criminal background checks. Mentors are a resource accessible to students throughout the program, and are responsible for responding to any non-academic situation that may arise. Mentors ensure safe and appropriate behavior, provide guidance and supervision, and organize, execute, and attend program activities. Students should consult a mentor for questions regarding schedules, policies, activities, college life, or the campus.

The commuter option features interactive afternoon activities that provide a glimpse of UMD’s rich campus life. Commuter students are expected to attend and participate to the fullest.

The commuter package fee does not include a parking permit. To park on campus, students must have a valid permit. After admission, students can purchase a Summer Session II parking permit from UMD’s Department of Transportation Services (DOTS).

The commuter option is NOT open to students requiring an F-1 visa and I-20. The University will not issue the required documentation. There will be no refund of the non-refundable application fee. B visas are not permitted. See U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs - Visitor Visa.

Use the EXST contact form. Include your full name, program name, and a complete statement regarding the requested action.

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