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Billing and Payment

Students who register for classes incur a financial obligation to the university. Students are responsible for checking their student account to ensure that full payment has posted by the Winter Session payment due dates (see below). If the student account has a prior balance, the university will use the Winter Session payment to cover it. This prior balance may include charges relating to financial fees, parking, the Libraries, University Health Center, etc. 

Students are responsible for canceling registration, dropping a course, or withdrawing by the posted Academic and Financial Deadlines. Your registration is not automatically cancelled for non-payment. Students who have difficulty in completing any registration-related action should use the EXST contact form. Include full name, UID (if known), and a complete statement regarding the requested action. 

The Winter Session payment due dates pertain to courses beginning with the following sections: 01**, WB**, I1**. Other section numbers are program-specific and students should contact the specific program for complete information.

Payment Deadlines: If You Registered Between Bill Generated Payment Due
October 15 - November 25 November 25 December 20
November 26 - December 23 December 23 January 20
December 24 - January 2 January 25 February 20

UMD’s Student Financial Services and Cashiering generates and sends the electronic bill to the email address on record. Questions? Contact Student Financial Services via email at or call 301-314-9000.

Veterans and Veterans Dependents 

Tuition Remission

  • College Park Employee: Contact your department’s human resource staff or see UMCP’s UHR Tuition Remission
  • System Employee: Contact your home institution’s human resource office to determine how this benefit is calculated and how to apply.

Third-Party/Sponsored Billing

529/College Savings Plans

  • Use of these plans is not encouraged because of the delay in which the 529 Plans post to the student’s account. Students incur finance charges and late fees.

Athletic Scholarship

  • Athletes who receive an Athletic Scholarship must be in touch with their Athletic Advisor to determine award amount and posting date.

Financial Aid

In general, financial aid for Winter Session is limited. Students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program of study at UMD and must register for at least 3 credits or 12 graduate units to be considered. UMD degree-seeking students who are offered Winter Session financial aid must respond to the offer and formally accept. The offer does not automatically post until the student accepts. Winter Session aid is not available for visiting students. A visiting student should contact their home institution. 

Extended Studies Grant

Extended Studies (EXST) is pleased to offer a grant for UMD degree-seeking undergraduate students who register for Winter Session course sections beginning with 01**, WB1*, and I1**. The grant is designed to provide need-based aid to students who otherwise could not afford to register for Winter Session courses. Awardees are determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students must demonstrate need, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, and must enroll in at least 3 credits in courses using the abovementioned section codes. Priority is given to seniors and juniors. Note: Funds are limited.


Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid via email at or call 301-314-8377. 

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