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Tuition and Fees

Students who register for a course in Winter Session are assessed tuition, mandatory fees and, if applicable, course-specific fees. Applies to course sections beginning with the following sections: 01**, WB**, I1**. Other section numbers may have program-specific tuition and/or fees. Students should contact the specific program for those rates.

Course Tuition

Tuition is assessed at the per-credit rate according to student type and residency. The chart provides tuition costs for registration at 1, 2, 3, or 4 credits.

Student Type Residency Classification 1 credit 2 credits 3 credits 4 credits
Undergraduate MD In-State $420.24 $840.48 $1,260.72 $1,680.96
Undergraduate Out-of-State $1,645.26 $3,290.52 $4,935.78 $6,581.04
Graduate MD In-State $844.56 $1,689.12 $2,533.68 $3,378.24
Graduate Out-of-State $1,841.10 $3,682.20 $5,523.30 $7,364.40

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees are assessed according to student type and delivery. Students who register for a mix of courses that meet on campus and online/off-site are assessed the winter campus services fee.

Student Type Sections* Category Flat Rate
Undergraduate and Graduate 01**, 02**, etc. Winter Campus Services Fee $109.50
Undergraduate and Graduate WB**, I*** Winter Distance Learning Fee $52.00

*For sections not listed here, contact your program.

  • Winter Campus Services Fee: Flat rate charged for any course registration that requires students to come to campus. Supports university resources that include transportation, student union, recreation, and registration services.
  • Winter Distance Learning Fee: Flat rate charged for any course registration that does not require students to come to campus (e.g., internships, courses offered completely online). Supports university resources and registration services.

Course-specific Fees

Some courses may charge a lab, studio, or materials fees. Course fees should be noted on Testudo. The fee posts to the student account as a separate charge.

Notes on Tuition and Fees


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