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Billing and Payment

Billing Schedule

Students who register for courses incur a financial obligation (tuition and fees) to the University. Students are responsible for dropping a course, canceling registration, or withdrawing by the posted Academic and Financial Deadlines. Students who have difficulty in dropping, canceling, or withdrawing should use the EXST contact form. Include full name, UID (if known), and a complete statement regarding the requested action.

Semester If You Registered Between Payment Due Date
Fall (16-week) April 5 - July 24 August 24
Fall (16-week) July 25 - August 24 September 24
Fall (16-week) August 25 - September 24 October 24
Spring (16-week) November 15 - December 24 January 24
Spring (16-week) December 25 - January 24 February 24
Spring (16-week) January 25 - February 24 March 24
Summer (SI or II) March 1 - March 24 April 24
Summer (SI or II) March 25 - April 24 May 24
Summer (SI or II) April 25 - May 24 June 24
Summer (SI or II) May 25 - June 24 July 24
Summer (SI or II) June 25 - July 24 August 24

UMD’s Student Financial Services and Cashiering generates and sends the electronic bill to the email address on record.


Contact Student Financial Services via email at or call 301-314-9000.

Terp Payment Plan

Terp Payment Plan: Make monthly payments over the course of a semester.


Veterans should contact UMD’s Veterans Benefits via email:

Tuition Remission

  • College Park Employee: Contact your department’s human resource staff or see UMCP’s UHR Tuition Remission
  • System Employee: Contact your home institution’s human resource office to determine how this benefit is calculated and how to apply.

Third-Party Billing

Available Aid

Post-Baccalaureate Programs are non-degree granting and applicants are admitted as non-degree seeking students. State and/or Federal Financial Aid is not available to non-degree-seeking students. See Alternative Aid Options.

Cost of Attendance

To assist students determine the estimated cost of attending the University of Maryland for the academic year, including fees, living expenses (housing and food), books, supplies, equipment, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses, see Cost of Attendance.


Contact Office of Student Financial Aid via email at or call 301-314-8377.

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