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University Policies

Medical History and Immunization Record

Student Health Insurance Plan

  • SIE and HESPIE students who register 6 or more credits are exempt from the University requirement to have health insurance.
  • Students have the option to purchase the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan
  • The University Health Center, however, MAY AUTOMATICALLY enroll a student in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  Students should be notified of such actions via email.  Associated charges post to the student account for which the student is liable unless a waiver is submitted.


See Contact University Health Center.

Failure to maintain continuous registration will result in cancellation of your program admission. Students who do not plan to take courses in a fall or spring semester must submit a Petition for Waiver of Continuous Registration for each semester of non-attendance. If you fail to register or submit the waiver, you must re-apply and submit payment for the application fee.

Cancellation of registration means that the student cancels their enrollment in all courses prior to the first day of classes for a semester/term. Students who cancel registration prior to the first day of classes receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. Failure to attend class does not result in automatic cancellation nor is a student relieved of any academic and/or financial obligation. Courses dropped prior to the first day of classes will not appear on the student record, nor count towards the number of attempts a student has for any given course. Students process the cancellation of registration prior to the first day of classes via Testudo (See Registration (Drop/Add).

The first ten business days of classes during the fall or spring semester. For Summer Session, the schedule adjustment period is determined by the session length. Once the schedule adjustment period has ended, courses may not be added without special permission (in writing) by the student’s academic college. In addition, requests for withdrawals, single course drop with ‘W,’ and other changes that occur between the end of schedule adjustment and the last day of a specific semester/session of enrollment must be received in writing (via email or fax) with the student name and UID number. For information on deadlines and associated refunds, see Academic and Financial Deadlines.

Single Course Drop

Once the semester/term starts, dropping a single course means that you are registered for two or more courses within a single specific semester or term. Once you drop the single course before the end of scheduled adjustment, you must remain registered for at least one course within that semester/term. A single course drop during the schedule adjustment period will not appear on the student record, nor will it count towards the number of attempts a student has for any given course. A full credit is not available for courses dropped on or after the first day of classes. Students may process single course drops via Testudo (See Registration (Drop/Add).

Single Course Drop with ‘W’

Means that you are dropping a single course for a specific semester/term after the schedule adjustment period ends, remaining registered for at least one course in that session. The drop period begins at the close of the schedule adjustment period and terminates at various points depending on the semester/term length. Students must submit a written request via the EXST contact form. Include the student’s full name, UID (if known), and a complete statement regarding the request. 

Means that you are terminating registration for all courses within a specific semester/term (even if registered for just one course) between the first day and the posted deadline of the semester/term in which you are registered. A notation of withdrawn from semester/term and the effective date will post to your student record. Students must submit a written request via the EXST contact form. Include your full name, UID (if known), and a complete statement regarding the request. 

Appeal Form and Deadlines

Access TerpEngage-EXST Forms to submit the Appeal Form.

  1. Select Log In with UMD Directory ID to access the portal.
  2. Select My Forms.
  3. Select Start New Form.
  4. Select Appeal Request for Exception to Academic Policy from the dropdown and select Save and Continue.
  5. Complete and submit the Appeal Form.
  6. Attach documentation. See How to Attach Documentation details, below.

The average review time is 30 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays) from the date that the appeal and all documentation are received. Confirmation of the decision is sent to the email address listed on the appeal form.

Required Supporting Documentation

  • Appeal requests due to extenuating circumstances relating to a student’s registration require a formal written appeal. An exception to academic policy will not be considered until documentation supporting the claims made in the appeal is received.
  • Medical: Documentation from health care/mental health care providers must be typed and signed on official letterhead. General emails or unsigned letters on plain stationery are not acceptable. Ask the health care/mental health provider to provide the following information:
    • Name of health care/mental health care provider
    • Type of Practice/Specialty
    • Title/Degree
    • Practice Address
    • Practice Telephone
    • Practice Email
    • License Number
    • License Board
    • Brief statement of support
    • Signature
  • Death in the Family: Copy of death certificate (or verification of death from hospital or attending physician, typed and signed on official letterhead) with a statement of the deceased's relation to the student. Emails or unsigned letters on plain stationary are not acceptable.
  • Course Instructor or Academic Advisor: May submit a statement of support on department letterhead or from the instructor/academic advisor’s campus email. The statement must include the student name, UID, course information, date of registration, and an explanation of why the course instructor or academic advisor supports the appeal.
  • Approved Appeal from College/Department: Some Colleges/Departments require that the appeal be sent to them first for requests that have academic ramifications such as late/retroactive changes to the student record. Our office will assist with this process.

How to Attach Documentation

After submitting the Appeal Request for Exception to Academic Policy, return to the portal landing page to upload documentation to support your appeal request.

  1. Locate the Application Materials Section at the bottom of the portal homepage.
  2. Select Click here next to Upload Documents.
  3. On the Application Required Documents page, select the desired Document Name from the list.
  4. Select Upload and choose the file to submit. After uploading, the file will be listed in the File List Section.
    • To add additional files for the same document type, select Upload again and choose a new file.
    • Note: Files must all have distinct names.
  5. Select Back to return to the portal landing page. 
  6. To add a different document type, repeat the steps above.


  • Use the EXST contact form. Include full name, program name, and a complete statement regarding the request.

To obtain a UMD transcript, see Transcripts - Office of the Registrar.

See Office of Student Conduct for information on academic dishonesty, academic integrity, code of student conduct, and more.

See Office of Civil Right & Sexual Misconduct for contact information and an overview on these UMD policies and procedures.

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