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Program Overview


Understanding and managing insects—both harmful and beneficial—can have a profound impact on individuals, communities, and the environment. Graduate Programs in Applied Entomology provides an understanding about the importance of insects and their roles in various ecosystems. The programs assist students to define key pests in management systems, how to sample and monitor pests and their impact on the environment, and how to develop effective intervention tactics including cultural, biological, and chemical control. Develop best practices, skills, and knowledge to improve your management strategies and enrich your professional opportunities.

Graduate Programs in Applied Entomology are offered through the Department of Entomology in the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences. The programs are designed to combine the best in basic and applied biology to meet the public need for research, outreach, and instruction regarding entomology and related subjects, particularly as these bear on pest management and on stewardship of the environment. Students with specific academic questions may contact the program director Tammatha O'Brien, via email:

Graduate Programs in Applied Entomology offers the following programs that feature 100% online instruction. Designed for working professionals, students can earn a University of Maryland degree while continuing to work full-time with minimal disruption to personal and professional life. Full-time or part-time study is welcomed. Students who successfully complete requirements for a certificate may apply these credits towards the master’s if the student applies and is admitted.

Master of Professional Studies in Applied Entomology, Online

  • Focuses on the importance of insects and their role in various ecosystems and integrates aspects of biochemistry, molecular biology, and evolution theory with ecology using insects as a model. Learn more.

Graduate Certificate in Beekeeping, Online

  • Focuses on the anatomy, physiology, and ecology of the honeybee. Learn more.

Graduate Certificate in Integrated Pest Management, Online

  • Focuses on the techniques of integrated pest management for proper pest control management. Learn more.

Graduate Certificate in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, Online

  • Focuses on sustainability through examining both the ecosystem services provided by beneficial insects, as well as the management of injurious insects. Learn more.

Graduate Certificate in Urban Agriculture, Online

  • Focuses on the growing of plants and the raising of animals within and around cities. Learn more.
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