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Program Policies

Program policies apply to both HESPIE-Campus and HESPIE-Online.

HESPIE offers program-admitted students access to carefully selected, high-quality courses, excellent instruction, and smaller class sizes. HESPIE course-section(s) are not available to degree-seeking students. HESPIE provides program-admitted students with exceptional academic advising specific to their career goals, a collegial program atmosphere, and tuition charged at the in-state rate for HESPIE course / section registration. 

HESPIE students may NOT register for other UMD course(s) / section(s) without special permission to take any non-HESPIE courses (either through HESP or other departments). Program-admitted students who are granted special permission and register for course(s) / section(s) outside of HESPIE are not entitled to the HESPIE tuition rate and are charged tuition at the per credit rate based on their residency.

Students admitted into the in-person option may register for courses in the online option with permission and vice-versa.

  • For permission, email:
  • Include your full name, UID, and the courses for which you seek permission.
  • Students who do not plan to register for courses in a fall or spring semester must submit a Petition for Waiver of Continuous Registration for each semester of non-attendance. If you fail to register or submit the waiver, you must re-apply and submit payment for the application fee. 
  • The deadline to submit the petition is tied to the last day of schedule adjustment for the semester of non-attendance. See Academic and Financial Deadlines.

HESPIE students are admitted into the University of Maryland (UMD) as non-degree seeking students and are subject to all UMD policies and procedures. You should spend some time reviewing these policies and understand your obligations as a UMD student. 

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