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Before submitting the online application for a specific program, applicants should review the Graduate School’s admission requirements and application process, program requirements and deadlines, and transcript requirements. All required elements must be uploaded into the online application.

Applicants applying for admission to any graduate program at the University of Maryland must meet the minimum admission criteria as established by the Graduate School. See The Graduate School - Admission Policies.

Domestic Applicants

International Applicants


Official transcripts are required. A PDF of the unofficial transcript, however, may be used to accompany the online application. If official transcripts are not submitted at the time of application, students receive provisional admission. Official transcripts must be submitted to receive full admission. Such information is provided in the Graduate School’s admission notification; no additional reminders are sent. Failure to submit official transcripts by the end of your first semester results in a registration block. The Graduate School removes the block when official transcripts have been received. Send official transcripts to: 

Enrollment Services Operation
0130 Mitchell Building
7999 Regents Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Students Who Have Successfully Completed the Graduate Certificate

Students who successfully complete requirements for the Graduate Certificate may apply these credits towards the Master’s if the student applies and is admitted.

  • If applying within a five-year period of completion, students do not need to re-submit accompanying application materials or pay the application fee.
  • Students who have submitted original transcripts for the graduate certificate should upload a Word Doc into the application that states official transcripts on file. 
  • In addition, students may include a statement that letters of recommendation were submitted as part of graduate certificate application and should be on file. The application process requires that the applicant enter the names and emails of the recommenders. Upon submission of the application, recommenders will automatically receive an email. Applicants should notify their recommenders that they do not need to (re)submit another recommendation.

Golden Identification Program

The Golden Identification Program is not eligible for Continuing Education Programs (Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Non-Credit Learning) administered through Extended Studies. See Golden ID Program

Program Specific Requirements and Deadlines

Graduate Program Application

Submit application in the Graduate School Application Portal.

Program Specific Requirements and Deadlines

Graduate Program Application

Submit application in the Graduate School Application Portal.

Applicants should contact the academic program via email:

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